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Cyber Ark .NETPasswordSDK not able to connect

I am not able to find any good documentation on .NET SDK for CyberArk.

I am trying to integrate CyberArk password management system to get password for an Outlook account using the below code

PSDKPasswordRequest passReq = new PSDKPasswordRequest();
PSDKPassword password = null;

// What is the purpose of CredFile??
passReq.CredFilePath = "F:\CredFiles\AppUser.cred";

passReq.Safe = "SAFE_NAME";
passReq.Folder = "root";

passReq.Object = userName;
passReq.Reason = "Get some stuff done.";

// Sending the request to get the password
password = CyberArk.AIM.NetPasswordSDK.PasswordSDK.GetPassword(passReq);

However I am not able to connect and getting the following error

"PDKTC006E Failed to connect to provider (Reason=[connect command failed])"

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